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January 2018

The role of bridges and crowns in giving you a bright smile

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Are you fatigued of staring back at your reflection that makes you focus on your absent tooth/teeth? Do you desire to add a sparkle to your fast fading smile? If yes, then you might want to move ahead with the process of fitting dental crowns and bridges in Noida Sector 46 for revivifying your smile. Dealing in all ceramic crowns and bridges as well as heaps of other treatment modes needed for keeping your dental health in best condition, clinics devoted to the cause of root canals, straightening and whitening of teeth, dealing with excruciating gum problems and so forth are surely your friend in need. Read on for more insights into how specialists at The Dental Lounge are bringing about optimistic differences in the lives of individuals who are disenchanted with their smile. Read More

Why should people visit a dentist regularly for good oral health?

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Do you have a fixed date to visit the dentist this month? If you say you are too busy to plot a consistent schedule for dental check-ups, you should step back. Even if you don’t feel any discomposure in your teeth and gums, a regular assessment by a professional is a necessity to ensure top oral hygiene and health. What sundry individuals don’t comprehend is that countless oral problems and issues don’t have very obvious symptoms. Take for instance the common issue of having bad breath. This could certainly appear evident to individuals you speak to but not all your friends will be open enough to tell you that you have a problem. Bad breath begins with bacteria breeding in and around the numerous portions of your oral cavity. Going for a dental visit would be a worthy way to ensure that your social life doesn’t get spoiled by this problem. Read More