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Prosthodontics is an area of dentistry that pertains towards treatment planning, diagnosis, esthetics, rehabilitation and health of patients with clinical teeth conditions (missing teeth, deficient teeth).

Prosthodontists are experts in replacement and restoration of teeth who makes your smile appear more youthful and beautiful. If you have lost your natural teeth, whether in an incident or as part of the aging process can affect your outlook on life. With the help of a prosthodontists, there are countless opportunities for those who have lost some of their teeth.


Prosthodontic Treatment in Noida


Dental Lounge is one of the most unique Dental clinic in Noida. The team consists of dentists from all specialities and can perform any procedure very efficiently. They are specially trained to manage the most complex dental restoration.

Some Prosthodontic procedures that can improve your smile are:-

  • Placing complete ceramic esthetic crowns or caps on teeth
  • Placing veneers onto teeth to conceal defects
  • Using bonding technology to change shape or close gaps between the teeth.
  • Bleaching the discoloured teeth to brighten and white a smile.

Crowns and Veneers in Noida

Dental Lounge offers a wide range of treatments including crowns and veneers in Noida at competitive prices. The clinic is a speciality dental clinic for all kinds of smile makeover and prosthodontic procedures. Contact Dental Lounge for crowns and veneers treatment in Noida.