A tooth crown or a cap is placed over a tooth to cover its structure that result due to RCT, discoloured tooth, irregular tooth structure etc. It helps in recovering its strength, shape, function and appearance.

Benefits of crown

A dental crown/cap can improve the look and function of a discoloured, decayed or injured tooth and also can be used over the implant to give it tooth like shape for function. The various advantages and uses of crowns are as follows:-

  • Protects the underlying weak tooth structure from breaking.
  • Cover and support fillings.
  • Covers a discoloured and misshaped tooth.
  • Restores the strength of the tooth.
  • Gives a natural looking smile

There are a variety of materials available for crowns. Some materials available for crowns at Dental Lounge are metal crowns, metal fused to Porcelain and metal free crowns.

Tooth caps or Crowns in Noida

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