Millions of people suffer tooth loss usually due to several reasons like decay, gingivitis (gum diseases) or mishaps like injury. Thanks to the invention of dental implants that people won’t have to lose the beauty of their smile with the loss of teeth. They look & feel like your own teeth and are of the similar colour as your teeth. Dental Lounge provide world class dental implants in Noida sector 46. They are permanent as they are designed to fuse with the bone contributing to various factors of enhancement;

  • Improved teeth
  • Improved speech and eating
  • Improved self-esteem and comfort.
  • Better oral health

Titanium’s feature of fusing to bone called Osseo integration, is the biological base of dental implants success because when teeth are lost the bone attached to it is lost too. Fixing dental implants, along with replacing the lost teeth, stabilizes the bone warding off its loss and maintaining the jawbone shape and body. They are made up of titanium; lightweight yet strong and biocompatible which means it is accepted by the body. Titanium and titanium alloys are the vastly used metals in both dental and other bone implants like orthopaedic joint replacements.

Dental Implants cost in Noida

A long term success of Osseo integrated Dental Implants requisites healthy bones & gums. In the presence of healthy tissues a well-accommodated and properly fitting implant with appropriate bio-mechanical contents has a long term success rates of 92-98% for the fixture and 10-15years of lifespan. To consult the dentist personally to receive better examination and information about Dental Implants in Noida, contact us at Dental Lounge.