Some facts and myths about root canal treatment everybody should know about

By May 7, 2018Root Canal

root canal treatmentA trip to the dentist’s clinic is not always something a lot of people look forward to. Countless folks have been detected with extreme nervousness on the inception of such a visit. Whether the issue is psychological or not, you need to be courageous to circumvent future heartache courtesy of dental and oral health deterioration.Nervousness ensues to the best of us and you can pacify it by getting sensible answers to the several questions about the process, general practices, implications, facts and myths that are given here.

What is root canal treatment?

Pulp found in root canals can become plague-ridden because of severe tooth decay. Pulp is essentially what keeps the tooth alive as it is instituted by nerves as well as blood vessels. When septicity is obvious, the suggested treatment will be endodontics commonly recognized as Root Canal Treatment in Noida sector 46. It is the elimination of the pulp and replacement of a material that will ward away future re-infections. On account of leading-edge technology in dental equipment and practices, the process will not leave teeth murky unlike some time ago. The process will consequently see the tooth preserved for cosmetic reasons. The alternate is to have the tooth removed but this should only be considered when no other choice is imminent. Advantages of the process will take account of not having the tooth removed as well as deterrence of further infection and complications with the tooth. However, after all is done, a dentist will vouch for crowning the tooth to strengthen it. A tooth without a root canal will be feebler than healthy teeth and for this reason, crowns will be worthy options. As per the expert doctors at The Dental Lounge dental clinic, a crown can preserve a tooth for the whole life.

Some common myths and facts

There are numerous root canal myths to be dispersed in society as follows:

  • A root canal is painful. This common myth has its roots from prehistoric days where the process was done using non-progressive methods unlike today. This has been emphasized by the American Association of Endodontists. The administration of general anesthesia will numb the region and the process will be painless.
  • Another common myth is that all root canals must be done in numerous appointments. This is not the scenario as the procedure can be finished in one or two appointments. However, there are numerous factors that will dictate the number of appointments including;
  1. Requirement for referral
  2. Tough root canal
  3. Range of infection

Let your dentist put forward the number of appointments after having considered your situation.

  • Another common myth is that a root canal treatment can cause sicknesses such as arthritis, heart and kidney disease. Research has revealed this not to be the case. This myth has budded from research done practically 100 years ago by Dr. Weston Price. In his research of 1910 to 1930, Dr. Price appealed that illness can originate from the process because of infections. His claims have been disproven by contemporary research as there is no medical evidence to substantiate the same.
  • Another common myth is that a tooth has to hurt to be suitable for root canal. Dentists can find out teeth that are deceased and recommend the treatment however painless. Consequently, screening to check the status of the tooth by the doctor is recommended. Tests that are used to check dead teeth take account of:
  1. Percussion testing
  2. Use of a pulp vitality machine
  • Lastly, some folks believe that advantages of a root canal treatment don’t last. This is because of resultant breaking of teeth after treatment. As per veteran dental specialists, this is not the treatment failure but rather the failure in refurbishment or construction of tooth. Breaking largely ensues to those who fail to get crowns. Consequently, the advantages can last long.

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