Periodontics is the study in dentistry related to diseases affecting teeth in which gums are infected and deeper periodontal structures become inflamed. It is one of the most common diseases in people. It is caused by inflation triggered by accumulation of “periodontal bacteria”. Periodontics is somehow the major cause for tooth loss. Other problems patients experience apart from inflammation are, but may not be limited to:-

  • Painful abscesses
  • Drifting of the teeth which may interfere with eating
  • Unsightly lightening of the teeth with exposure of the roots

Prevention of Periodontics

  • Scaling and Root Planning
  • It is one of the most effective ways to treat gum diseases before it becomes severe. This procedure cleans between the gums and the teeth down to the roots along with which it;
  • Removes plaque and calculus
  • Smooth the tooth to remove bacterial toxins

Gum graft

Gum grafting is used to cover roots or flourish gum tissues. In this procedure the gum tissue from your palate or another donor source is used to cover the exposed root, it;

  • Reduce further recession and bone loss
  • Protects exposed roots from decay
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Improve aesthetics of your smile

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