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Losing teeth is no more exciting after you are an adult, because in your childhood you have lost your baby teeth and had a matter of joy because permanent teeth were yet to emerge. But once you lose your permanent teeth due to various factors, it not only affects facial aesthetics but lowers one’s self esteem. The treatment of performing a surgical tooth extraction is also known as exodontias, which involves the removal of a tooth and is performed due to various reasons, some of them may be:-

  • Tooth decay
  • Impacted teeth due to accidents
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Tooth infection
  • Malformed teeth
  • Fractured tooth

Tooth Extraction Surgery in Noida

Dental Lounge is noted amongst people seeking dental help in neighbourhood. At Dental Lounge, we offer Tooth Extraction Surgery in Noida as one of our expert service and our proficient dentists ensure your tooth extraction is as smooth as possible, once you are fully diagnosed. Tooth extraction doesn’t mean you have to live without it, depending upon your condition you can opt for Dental implants after extracting the damaged tooth. Dr. Nitin Sharma can recommend you some of the best services for state of your teeth.