Learn about different procedures of teeth whitening

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teeth whiteningWe all comprehend that a healthy, gorgeous smile augments our appearance and permits us to smile with soaring self-confidence. However, in some individuals, stains and minor discolorations on teeth can affect their stunning smile and can be relatively awkward. Teeth whitening is one of the most prevalent and reasonable dental process that helps you get rid of the stains and discoloration from the teeth so that you can recoup your pearly white glittering smile. It is an effective way to lighten the natural color of your teeth without confiscating any of the tooth surfaces.

About teeth whitening

Teeth whitening, also recognized as dental bleaching, is done to improve the whiteness of your teeth to give you a perky and glittering smile. It also helps you get rid of stained teeth and blemishes. Stains are caused because of a number of reasons, such as ageing, consumption of staining materials (tea, coffee, smoking and colas), unwarranted fluoride and certain medicines.

Different procedures

Teeth bleaching can be done either in the dentist’s clinic, or can be done at home by using materials offered by the dentist.

  • In-office teeth whitening treatment: This process is done at the dentist’s clinic. Before starting the tooth bleaching process, your dentist will inspect your teeth, and do cavity filling and gum protection treatment. The dentist establishes your baseline tooth color, in order to accurately record how blemished your tooth are when you came in. Once the baseline is established, the dentist will coat your lips and gums with a solution to guard them from high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Lastly, the whitening gel (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) is applied to the teeth, and it is kept on the teeth for 30-60 minutes contingent upon the requirements. After that, the teeth are washed with water and a fluoride coating is applied to lessen the sensitivity that some folks experience after teeth whitening in Noida sector 46.
  • Laser teeth whitening treatment: In laser whitening process, a low intensity dental laser is used in teeth whitening procedure. Laser beam triggers the gel particles applied on teeth and this accelerates the reaction of the whitening product. Though laser whitening is more costly, it is the fastest and easiest way to lighten natural color of your teeth and confiscate obstinate stains.
  • In-house tooth whitening treatment: Also identified as tray bleaching, this procedure encompasses using custom-made tray that is worn for a particular time period. Your dentist will recommend you a whitening gel, which is placed on the custom-fitted tray. You are supposed to use the tray and the gel for some days. The peroxide in the gel breaks down and releases hydroxyradicals that naturally whiten the stain.
  • Natural ways: Many home therapies like fruits and salt can help you eradicate stains from your teeth. Rub a slice of strawberry or lemon on your teeth and the wash them with cold water.


Although the teeth whitening process has numerous benefits, there can be some provisional side-effects such as sore gums and sensitivity of the teeth. These symptoms vanish within a couple of days of treatment.

The role of bridges and crowns in giving you a bright smile

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bridges and crownsAre you fatigued of staring back at your reflection that makes you focus on your absent tooth/teeth? Do you desire to add a sparkle to your fast fading smile? If yes, then you might want to move ahead with the process of fitting dental crowns and bridges in Noida Sector 46 for revivifying your smile. Dealing in all ceramic crowns and bridges as well as heaps of other treatment modes needed for keeping your dental health in best condition, clinics devoted to the cause of root canals, straightening and whitening of teeth, dealing with excruciating gum problems and so forth are surely your friend in need. Read on for more insights into how specialists at The Dental Lounge are bringing about optimistic differences in the lives of individuals who are disenchanted with their smile. Read More

Why should people visit a dentist regularly for good oral health?

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benefits visiting orthodontistDo you have a fixed date to visit the dentist this month? If you say you are too busy to plot a consistent schedule for dental check-ups, you should step back. Even if you don’t feel any discomposure in your teeth and gums, a regular assessment by a professional is a necessity to ensure top oral hygiene and health. What sundry individuals don’t comprehend is that countless oral problems and issues don’t have very obvious symptoms. Take for instance the common issue of having bad breath. This could certainly appear evident to individuals you speak to but not all your friends will be open enough to tell you that you have a problem. Bad breath begins with bacteria breeding in and around the numerous portions of your oral cavity. Going for a dental visit would be a worthy way to ensure that your social life doesn’t get spoiled by this problem. Read More

Get acquainted with dental implants and their benefits

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dental implantsDental implant is a root device used by periodontists to interchange a missing tooth. It is made of titanium and is positioned in the jaw to hold a tooth in place. This is implemented with an incision into the gum then followed by the insertion of the implant. When the implant is inserted, gums are sewn up and healing time is given to allow the bones and the gums to heal. The healing procedure takes quite some months, although it is important that both the bone and the implant are stronger enough so as to hold the prosthetic tooth in its place. Implants are idyllically suitable for persons with good general oral health, but have lost a tooth owing to an accident, periodontal disease or even some other reasons. Read More

Some amazing benefits you can get by visiting an orthodontist

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Self-confidence plays a gigantic role in just about anybody’s life. Low self-confidence will do you more harm than good; in fact, it will only do you harm. Your teeth can play a huge role in your self-confidence. Have you ever been in a situation where you indeed want to smile but you cannot do it perhaps owing to bad breath or dreadful dental formula? This is the worst feeling that you should ever desire to experience. It is imperative that you make sure your teeth are in good shape at all times. In the event that you have not been able to accomplish that, orthodontics will do the trick for you.  Read More

Is there an option of braces for adults? Of course! Read on!

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You will be flabbergasted when you find out that there are also lots of adults with crooked and uneven teeth. They reason out that they were inept to have them rectified during their younger years. These folks were led to the belief that braces are only for children and when you miss the chance to have them rectified; solving the issue is not anymore conceivable in maturity. In actual fact, owing to the present progressions in technology, orthodontic treatment is already available for grown-ups. If there are dental braces for children and teenagers, adult braces are already available for them. Getting the appropriate braces will categorically aid in reestablishing the suitable alignment of the teeth and refurbish its straight line structure. Medical technology has advanced in recent times and orthodontic techniques are now one of them. Read More

How can you benefit by visiting an orthodontist?

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If you think your smile requires work, it may be time to see the orthodontist in Noida sector 46 at The Dental Lounge. An orthodontist can help fix curved and crowded teeth as well as complications with jaw alignment. Here are some things to know if you are planning to get braces.

When should you visit an orthodontist?

You should book an appointment if you are encountering issues with crowding, crookedness or jaw alignment. The least age to see an orthodontic specialist is around seven years old. It is imperative to note that the permanent teeth must have erupted before you can start treatment. Beginning treatment from a young age makes it easier to rectify an issue before it degrades. However, grown-ups can still benefit from orthodontic care. Read More

Why do people need to opt for dental implants?

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Think of cosmetic dentistry and you may think purely of aesthetics, i.e. the way your teeth appear. And while it is true that dentists who specialize in this expanse have proficiency in making customers’ teeth look attractive, there is so much more to the practice of cosmetic dentistry. Along with working on the appearance of teeth, cosmetic dentists also empower alterations that can reestablish essential function to one’s teeth. For instance, many individuals end up with a misplaced tooth because of gum disease, tooth decay, root canal failure, or some type of physical injury. Not only can the fissure created by a misplaced tooth be disconcerting, but it can also hinder normal functions such as chewing and speaking. Read More