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dental implants

Our teeth were originally designed to last a lifetime. But, there are occurrences wherein our teeth have to be taken out. Typically, these reasons would involve anatomical glitches, sicknesses of the gums and improper positioning. Luckily, dental implants are now made available in maximum dental clinics, including The Dental Lounge, a renowned dental clinic in Noida sector 46.

dental implants

Facts on dental implants

Dental implants are chiefly a form of replacement therapy. This process is carried out to support replacement teeth just as how our natural tooth roots support our teeth. This dental service does not essentially necessitate an age limitation. Dental implant therapy is viable to all ages providing that it is the correct choice for the misplaced tooth. Idyllically, this process is superlative for patrons who can no longer wear dentures. However, the dentist will be the one deciding if it is the finest process for you after watchful evaluation of your dental and medical history.

Procedure of placing the dental implants

Before the surgery, the dentist will run certain diagnostic examinations like x-ray and complete a detailed dental and medical health history. These are essential to ensure that the implant surgery will be the paramount service for you.

There are two kinds of dental implants:

  • The first category is the Endosteal or in the bone implant. This is the most commonly utilized dental implant and is a supreme alternative for patients with bridges and detachable dentures.
  • The next category of the implant is the Subperiosteal or on the bone implants. In this kind of procedure, the implants are positioned over the jaw with the metal frameworks protuberant via the gums to make the prosthesis more stable. This is perfect for those who cannot wear dentures and have restricted bone height.

The implant surgery is considered as a petty operation and would only necessitate a local anaesthesia. The postoperative healing period would take about 4 months, just sufficient time for the implants to fuse with the bones. After the healing phase, the dentist will implement a minor surgery to attach a post to the implants. This post will serve as a support for a single tooth or set of teeth. The restorative stage would be the last step. The dentist would attach the prosthesis to the implants, thus refurbishing a natural looking set of teeth.

Advantages of dental implants

The most evident advantage of a dental implant on the part of the patient is the improvement of appearance. Implants would look precisely like your normal teeth and astonishingly, theĀ implant can last a lifetime since it is designed to merge with your bones. Unlike dentures, implants would never slip out of your mouth, consequently making your speech more polished and upgraded. Furthermore, implants are very comfy. It is as if the implant is a standard part of your oral cavity. Owing to diminished discomposure, chewing would also be easier with implants. Implants would enable you to enjoy your beloved dish without the apprehensions of pain or the implants tripping out of your mouth. And lastly, implants are way more long-lasting and convenient if equated to removable dentures. With the apt care of the implants, it can assuredly last a lifetime.

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